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To report an absence: 435-8420 extension 1

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Ellenvale 2014-2015
Assessment and Evaluation Day
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Monday, December 1st
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December 9th - 11th  

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Report Card Improvements Slide Show from DOE (Added September 23, 2014)


"IP" - In-Progress Mark in the Assessment View on Parent and Student Portal (Added March 31, 2014)

As you may be aware, the Parent Portal in PowerSchool has a new layout this year.  Under the ‘Assessment View’ option, there may be an ‘In-Progress Mark’ as shown in the sample below. Grade 9 students receive a term grade for each course for terms 1, 2 and 3 as well as a final percentage grade at the end of the year in each course. The ‘In-Progress Mark’ is set up to be an ongoing reflection of the final year-end grade based on evidence of learning to date and will not necessarily match the individual term mark on each report card which is only based on the evidence of learning in each term. The ‘In-Progress Mark’ will only match the overall final report card grade in June when the course is complete.

"IP" - In Progress Recorded on Report Cards (Added March 18, 2014)

Students who started new electives in February will see the the code IP on their report card for that course. 

New electives may include: Family Studies, Tech Ed, Music and Art.


What is IP, who uses it, and what is the process for its use?


IP means “In Progress” and does not appear as a “reporting code”. It is only used for elective courses in grades 7–9, that due to scheduling, cross over a reporting period. For example, Family Studies may begin or end in the middle of a reporting period (term/semester).  If a teacher has had a new group of students for a very limited time, the teacher would use IP instead of the reporting code/grade and in the comment box note , “This course is “In Progress” and more time is required to collect sufficient evidence to determine a grade”. 


Student Extended Absence Form (Added Feb. 18, 2014) For students planning to be absent for 5 school days or more.


On November 27, Elwin LeRoux, Superintendent of the Halifax Regional School Board, presented the Superintendent’s Annual Report for the 2012-2013 school year to the Governing Board.

This report is available online at http://hrsb.ednet.ns.ca/HRSBSuperintendentsReport2013/ or on the HRSB website at www.hrsb.ca .

If you require a printed copy, please contact the school office.

Making this report public is part of the board’s commitment to demonstrating that every school will be an improving school by 2013.

After viewing the report, if you would like to provide feedback, please send it to feedback2013@hrsb.ca .


Nova Scotia International Student Program - Host Family Recruitment (Added November 8, 2013)

Nourish Nova Scotia - Video re: Breakfast Programs featuring Ellenvale Students http://youtu.be/rMIUXeuNkBk (Added November 8, 2013)

Lunch Registration Form - Due October 15, 2013 (Added October 10, 2013)

NS Assessment: Reading, Writing and Math in Grade 8 - Information for Parents and Guardians (Added October 10, 2013)

The Ellenvale PTA Wants You!!! (Updated October 10, 2013)

Parent Portal Changes (New as of October 1, 2013)

Parent Portal - Quick Reference Guide (New as of October 1, 2013)



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Recent events throughout Nova Scotia school communities and even in our own school communities within the Halifax Regional School Board have made us more aware than ever of the devastating and tragic effects of bullying.

Bullying is about human relationships, power and control.  Bullying is intentional, hurtful and repeated behavior that intimidates, threatens harm, or victimizes another person to make the victim feel weaker.

Some of the ways bullying behaviors differ from inappropriate behaviors are:

  • Bullying is a repeated behavior

  • Bullying is an unfair match and/or there is a power imbalance or abuse of power

  • Bullying is intentional and hurtful behavior

  • The behavior is intended to threaten, intimidate, or victimize someone

 If you believe you are being bullied or if you believe a friend or classmate is being bullied, tell an adult - report the incident to your principal, vice-principal, teacher or school counselor.






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